Recreation Incentive Fund Application

Recreation Incentive Fund

PURPOSE: To provide matching funds to non-profit community service groups, individuals, or corporations wishing to make recreation related capital improvements within Botetourt County.
FUNDS AVAILABLE: $45,000 FUNDING LIMITS: A maximum of fifty percent (50%) of the project or $10,000. APPLICATION PROCEDURES: Applicants must complete an original application (attaching additional pages if needed) and submit it to the Recreation Manager of the Parks & Recreation Department by November 8. Applications received or postmarked after November 8 will not be considered. GENERAL POLICIES AND PROGRAM ELIGIBILITY: A. Proposed projects located on County or School Board-owned property must be consistent with the master plan of the proposed site and must receive initial approval from the administrator of the property before the project may be submitted for consideration; B. Projects submitted must benefit the general public, enhance recreational related property or generally assist in the delivery of initiatives and programs sponsored by the Botetourt County Parks & Recreation Department; C. Matching fund grants are subject to all Botetourt County Procurement Policies, County Building Department and Planning and Zoning Department requirements; D. Projects may be a fixed capital addition, or an improvement, repair or replacement of an existing facility or asset. Projects cannot include personal or team type equipment; E. Individual organizations may submit more than one (1) request per year, but requests must be submitted in priority order. Total requests per individual project cannot exceed $10,000; F. No organization may submit an application for a previously approved project that is still under construction. PROJECT SELECTION CRITERIA: A. Proposed projects located on County or School Board-owned property will receive priority consideration for available funding. B. Projects that correct and/or improve the safety and security of a field or recreation facility; C. Projects that reduce maintenance and/or operating costs; D. Projects that add, enhance or expand a needed service for the benefit of citizens and/or visitors; E. Projects that serve the greatest number of people, benefit an entire community or an organized athletic group as opposed to a limited user group; F. Applicant must provide up front documentation of funding sufficient to build the project (i.e. letter from bank, bank statement, etc.). Quantified donated materials and in-kind services up to twenty- five percent (25%) of total project will be considered; G. Feasibility of the schedule and completion dates of the project and past project performance of the requesting organization will be strongly considered; EXAMPLES OF ELIGIBLE PROJECTS: A. Athletic field fencing and lighting installation/renovation B. Turf/athletic field construction/renovation C. Basketball/tennis court construction/renovation D. Playground construction, renovation, and enhancements E. Irrigation system installation/renovation F. Scoreboards, PA Systems, Batting Cages, Storage Facilities G. Concrete/asphalt bleacher pads, sidewalks & other ADA improvements H. Dugout roof construction/renovation I. Trails, greenways and walking track construction/renovation J. Trailhead signage and informational kiosks installation K. Installation of landscaping, such as trees, shrubs and other perennial plants SELECTION PROCESS: The Recreation Manager of the Parks & Recreation Department serves as an advisor to the Selection Committee and will perform all initial reviews. The Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission shall be the Selection Committee. This committee will make a recommendation to the County Board of Supervisors, which is the final approving authority. SELECTION PROCESS: 1. No application will be accepted after the due date. 2. Applications for improvements on School Board property will need be approved by the School Superintendent and/or Director of School Operations and written approval submitted with the application. 3. Applications for improvements on County property will be reviewed by the Recreation Manager of the Parks & Recreation Department. 4. The applications will be reviewed by the Recreation Advisory Commission at their regularly scheduled meeting held on the first Monday in November. Applicants are encouraged to be present during the Selection Committee’s review of the application to provide information and/or clarifications to assist the committee in the selection process and respond to questions. 5. The committee will make its selections based on the individual projects’ merits as they relate to the project selection criteria. Projects will be considered approved upon receipt of a notification from the Parks & Recreation Department. Unsuccessful projects may be re-submitted for future consideration. 6. All projects MUST BE COMPLETED within 18 months from January 1 of the year in which project approval is received. Example: Projects approved January 2021, must be completed by June 30th, 2022. PROJECT ADMINISTRATION: A. Each organization is responsible for the overall planning, management, and construction of its approved project. However, projects must be scheduled so as not to impact activities and/or facility programming and must meet minimum design standards as prescribed by the Recreation Manager of Parks & Recreation. B. All construction documents must be pre-approved by the County’s Department of Developmental Services (Formally the Building, and Planning & Zoning Offices) prior to construction. C. An organization receiving a grant shall appoint a representative to serve as the project coordinator. The coordinator shall have full authority to act on behalf of the organization. D. The Botetourt County Parks & Recreation Department will provide technical assistance and help in the coordination of all projects. Upon completion, each project must be inspected and approved by the Botetourt County Parks & Recreation Department prior to project reimbursement. E. Two Status Reports will be submitted to the Botetourt County Parks & Recreation Department by all successful applicants. The first report is due by June 30 and the second report is due by December 31 of the program year during which project approval is received. Status Report forms as provided by the Parks & Recreation Department will be used. These reports will address the status of the project, the approximated percent completion, and other items on the report form. Cost overruns, delays and other project related occurrences are the responsibility of the requesting organization. No project will be allowed to exceed the 18-month project completion requirement. BOTETOURT COUNTY PROCUREMENT PROCEDURES: • Upon completion of the project inspection, Botetourt County Parks & Recreation will provide reimbursement for invoices paid in full. • For purchases under $2,500, a receipt or invoice is required for reimbursement; • For purchases from $2,501 to $15,000, a receipt or invoice is required for reimbursement. A minimum of three (3) competitive quotes must be received and documented by the project coordinator. The low bidder must be awarded the contract, unless justification is provided and County approval to select another vendor is received;(Required)
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