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Read Grateful Challenge

This November, practice an attitude of gratitude! Learn what gratitude is all about, practice expressing gratitude to yourself and others, and check out awesome book recommendations for all ages. Log your reading and complete activities to earn badges all month long. 

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How can I participate?  If you created an account for any of our other reading challenges, log into your existing Beanstack account. If you have not created an account, do so at or on the Beanstack App.

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Is there something specific a participant needs to read?  Nope.  You can read whatever they like (fiction, nonfiction, audiobooks, kids’ books, magazines, newspapers….anything).  Simply remember to log minutes. 

Will participants earn badges? Yes, participants have the opportunity to earn 18 new badges during the course of this challenge.

What if a mom reads a book to her kids or a sibling reads to another sibling, can they count those minutes for both individuals?  YES!!!  Remember, every minute counts.  Make sure you log those minutes for everyone. 

Is this challenge just for kids? Absolutely not!  Most of our challenges are intended for people ages 0-99, with a few geared to specific ages.  Our challenges will help create memories for you and your family to share for years to come.   

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