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Kids’ Learning

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An interactive and playful environment designed to support reading comprehension and encourage the mastery of phonetic skills.

Visually enchanting and great for independent and group instruction in the classroom, library, and at home, Early World of Learning provides printable activities in English and in Spanish to support ESL initiatives, games to reinforce comprehension and reading skills, and an entire section devoted to classic fairy tales, nursery rhymes, and songs.

Gale in Context: Elementary

Delivers trusted, age-appropriate digital content. Through newspaper and magazine articles, videos, images, and graphics, elementary students can learn about everything from animals and outer space to famous artists and favorite athletes. The database is visual and intuitive, and rewards students’ efforts by developing comprehension and research skills to prepare them for middle school—and a lifetime of learning.


Live tutor access for homework help, skills building and test preparation, study tools, and even collaboration tools like virtual study rooms.

JLG Digital

Choose from a new selection of Junior Library Guild Gold Standard books to read each month. Includes fiction, nonfiction, and graphic novels for all levels.

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