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EBSCO eBooks

Log in by putting your library card number in the Patron ID field. You can browse the titles from there.

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After finding an ebook title you want in EBSCO, you can either read and search it online or download it for offline reading.

Here’s how:

I. Online Viewer

To view the book online, select PDF Full Text or EPUB Full Text. For full text searching, select the search icon (magnifying glass), located at the top right side of the screen. A search bar will then open where you can enter your search terms and receive a list of results.

II. Downloading the eBook

If, however, you would rather download the book for use offline, follow these steps:

1.) Click the link Full Download.  

2.) Then, the sign in screen will appear prompting you to sign in with either an existing EBSCOhost account, or to create a new one. You can create a new account using any email account or sign in with your Google account.

3.) Next, check to see if you have Adobe Digital Editions installed. If not, you can download this software from Adobe‚Äôs website.

4.) Open the Full Download box, select the checkout period, choose a format and click Full Download. (The checkout period is how long the book will be downloaded before it is automatically returned. You can choose to return the book sooner if you like.)

5.) From the Open download dialog box, select the Open with option, make sure that Adobe Digital Editions is listed in the dropdown menu, then click OK. (Note: you may have to search for this program if you have not used it before.) It may take a few moments to download.

6.) Double click the book you would like to open.

7.) To search the book, type your search term in the search field located in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

8.) To return a book after you are finished, click the Library button on the top of the screen. Then right click the book you want to return and select the Return Borrowed Item option.

Click here for complete instructions and troubleshooting.

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