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Black History Month

Celebrate Black History with your community this month, and every month.

Learn about Black history makers, explore cultural traditions, and honor the evolution of Black history in America. From the Civil Rights Movement to #BlackLivesMatter, it is vital to understand our history so that we can impact our future.

Complete activities and log your reading to earn badges along the way.

Visit to register.


How can I participate?  If you created an account for any of our other reading challenges, log into your existing Beanstack account. If you have not created an account, do so at or on the Beanstack App.

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Is there something specific a participant needs to read?  Nope. You can read whatever you like (fiction, nonfiction, audiobooks, kids’ books, magazines, newspapers….anything). Simply remember to log your minutes. 

Will participants earn badges? Yes, participants will earn badges for up to 10 hours of reading.  There are also 8 activity badges available to introduce everyone to the participating authors.  

What is the prize? Aside from badges, your prize is the understanding of America’s history so you can help shape a better future.

What if a mom reads a book to her kids or a sibling reads to another sibling, can they count those minutes for both individuals?  YES!!!  Remember, every minute counts.  Make sure you log those minutes for everyone. 

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