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Unattended Children Policy

The Botetourt County Library welcomes patrons of all ages to use its public facilities in a manner consistent with the Library’s Code of Conduct.  

Children left unattended may become anxious, restless or disruptive, and they may encounter situations or hazards that put them at risk. Their safety is a serious concern for the Library Board of Trustees and employees. The many responsibilities of Library employees preclude monitoring of each child’s location, safety or behavior, and Library employees cannot accept caregiving responsibilities for patrons of any age.  

Parents, guardians and caregivers are fully responsible for their minor children/charges at all times and are responsible and expected to comply at all times with Library policies, rules and policies.  Any patron whose behavior is disruptive or otherwise violates the Library’s Code of Conduct is subject to reporting to the Botetourt County Sheriff’s Department with or without warning or notice. 

Children under age 13 must be accompanied by a responsible adult caregiver age 18 or older. The caregiver accepts full responsibility for the child’s behavior and safety, including staying in the immediate vicinity of and in visual contact with the child when needed to ensure appropriate or safe behavior and/or at the request of Library employees. 

Notwithstanding the foregoing or any other policy or provision of policy, Library employees may report to appropriate management, law enforcement, public health or other authority any circumstance, behavior or conduct that, in their reasonable judgment, may constitute a threat, danger or risk to themselves, the public, any individual on Library property or to property. 

Approved by the Board of Trustees December 18, 2006 

Revised 8/19/20 

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