COVID-19 Small Business Grant Application

July 8, 2020

Botetourt’s new budget includes funding for a local small business assistance grant program. Local businesses will be invited to apply for up to $5,000 worth of direct assistance with professional service costs such as legal, accounting, marketing, ecommerce software, website development, technology hardware and/or lost inventory and sunk costs.

To be eligible, small businesses must be a sole proprietorship, an LLC, or self-employed person recognized as a business entity physically located and based in Botetourt County. They must have filed with the SCC and been a qualified business in Botetourt by February 29, 2020 and employ 100 or fewer people and have experienced a COVID-19-related impact, specifically closure or suspension of business operations. Agricultural production operations are exempt from the SCC filing requirements; however, documentation must indicate the business was operational on February 29, 2020.  All businesses must have been and continue to be in compliance and good standing with all local ordinances, county tax rolls, and fee assessment.

Grants will only cover one business per person or immediate family member however can be used for a wide variety of purposes including; legal fees (with the exemption of filings for bankruptcies), accounting fees, marketing plan development & execution support (including media spend, e-commerce activities including point of purchase software and other necessary software or web services subscriptions, website development, and web updates), technology, computer, printer, camera, or cash register purchase (hardware is limited to $1,500 of any grant) (receipts will be reimbursed or a purchase can be arranged through the EDA as a last resort), lost inventory or sunk costs – up to $1,500 of documented loss (food spoilage, for example may be claimed with proper documentation of loss and certification that the loss was not covered by other means or programs).

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Last modified: July 8, 2020

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